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The world blew up when Caitlyn Jenner came out and told the world that she is Transgendered, but she initially stunned the world with her Olympic accomplishments. She won the gold medal in the men's decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

Fast forward 30 years and how things have changed.  During the past few years, we've learned that Caitlyn had been living with a secret for a very long time.  In the tabloids and through the reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", The Vanity Fair Article and The Diane Sawyer Interview, Caitlyn told the world about always feeling that she was a woman.  This revelation caused a rift in the marriage with Kris and ultimately ended in divorce.  Their children also had a difficult time coming to terms with Caitlyn's revelations.

Caitlyn, at the age of 65, finally made her world debut in the Vanity Fair article and photo shoot in July 2015, "Call Me Caitlyn".  The world went wild.  Caitlyn was written about in many news stories and photographed whenever she was in public.  Many people praised Caitlyn for this courageous coming out, but many had some reservations.

Caitlyn was honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on the publicly televised ESPY Awards show.  Controversy arose over her being chosen for this award.  Many felt that Caitlyn was picked ahead of Noah Galloway, who lost most of his left arm and leg as a soldier in Iraq, then went on to become a distance runner, personal trainer, motivational speaker and, recently, a third-place finisher on “Dancing With the Stars.”  People took to Twitter and other social media to express their outrage over the choice, but ESPN said that they always had Caitlyn in mind for the award and no one else had ever been considered.

Caitlyn next came out with her own docu-series called "I AM CAIT" on E! television network.  Caitlyn wanted her journey to be documented in the series.  The reality show has brought to light the difficulties, struggles, attitudes and learning that has been brought about by her very public new life journey.  The show deals with many issues that Caitlyn had to learn how to handle and the new people in her life that have offered support and love.  Caitlyn became the face of the Trans community.  She said that she had no role models to look up to.  She said that back in the eighties, she was alone.  She said that there has been such a movement in the last ten years in understanding these issues.

LGBT people applauded her courage and she has used her fame to bring issues of the Trans community into the spotlight.

Caitlyn has certainly shown the world the trials and tribulations she had had to come to terms with, but one sticking point has been her Republican and conservative affiliation and everything that goes with that ideology.

We all know the strides that have been made with Trans Rights and Same Sex Marriage in recent years.  Generally, Republicans have pushed back against Trans Rights and Same Sex Marriage.

Many Republican leaders and congresspersons have tried to use "Religious Freedom" legislation and acts to hinder and even overturn Trans and Same Sex Marriage strides.  Caitlyn has said that she gets more flack for being a Republican than for being Trans.
Caitlyn has recently said to "The Advocate", "“I like Ted Cruz,” she declares. “I think he’s very conservative and a great constitutionalist and a very articulate man. I haven’t endorsed him or anything like that. But I also think, he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues.”

“I get it. The Democrats are better when it comes to these types of social issues. I understand that.” So why support Republicans? “Number 1, if we don’t have a country, we don’t have trans issues. We need jobs. We need a vibrant economy. I want every trans person to have a job. With $19 trillion in debt and it keeps going up, we’re spending money we don’t have. Eventually, it’s going to end. And I don’t want to see that. Socialism did not build this country. Capitalism did. Free enterprise. The people built it. And they need to be given the opportunity to build it back up.”

She recently has said that she would love to be Ted Cruz's "Trans Ambassador". If Ted Cruz were to be elected, she said,  "Wouldn't it be great -- let's say he goes on to be President, and I have all my girls on a trans issues board to advise him on making decisions when it comes to trans issues. Isn't that a good idea?  We can say, Ted, love what you're doing but here's what's going on.'"

The latest startling comments she made were regarding Hillary Clinton. On the first Episode of the Second Season of "I AM CAIT", Caitlyn was on a bus tour with a group of transgender women when she said she didn’t want to stop at the Democratic debate.

Caitlyn said,  “If we’re unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side,” the 66-year-old said, before adding that “she won’t be.”  “She couldn’t care less about women, she only cares about herself,” she added.

Caitlyn Jenner certainly has brought Trans issues front and center in this country.  She has a very public pulpit from which to speak.  Will her conservative leanings hinder her voice?    Is she really the best spokesperson for the Trans Community? She does have a wonderful group of women as her supporters and they definitely tell her where she may be wrong and express their views on the best ways forward.  The journey of "I AM CAIT" is not over.  What do you think?

Paul J. Senules

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