Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Facebook suggests some people I may know ???

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World AIDS Day

December 1, 2011 is World AIDS Day.

I will always remember living during the early 80's and hearing about the first reports of something called AIDS and HIV (the gay cancer).
I will always remember going out to the bars/clubs and mixing with friends, acquaintances and noticing in the coming days that some people were no longer around anymore.
I will always remember hearing of the first of my friends succumbing to AIDS and how it made me feel.
I will always remember going to get my first AIDS test with my good friend Bill and how scared to hell we both were going there and then waiting to hear the results.
I was so blessed to become a volunteer and eventually the office manager for "The Sharing of Hope" which was later to become, the Beaver County AIDS Service Organization; BCASO.  I was one of the people of BCASO to plan the first ever AIDS walk in Beaver County Pennsylvania. 
I am so happy to have helped in my little way to bring AIDS awareness to my community and to help those afflicted with HIV/AIDS.
The fight continues and the stigma of AIDS is still something we must overcome.  Bigotry and hatred need to be made a thing of the past. 
To those who have died, I hope that they have not died in vain.  I hope that their deaths have brought light to those around them and I hope that their deaths will bring about change, understanding and compassion.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

International Transgender Day of Remembrance

With Thanksgiving coming up, I think it's appropriate for us to remember all the Transgendered people's triumphs and tragedies.

Many transgendered people have come to a tragic end to their lives.  For a nation that has come so far in the area of tolerance, there are many miles to go. 

I had no idea that there was such a remembrance.  I found out about this through visiting sites such as "Queerty", "AfterElton" and "Towleroad".  This is actually the 13th year of "International Transgender Day of Remembrance".  If you would like to know more information and read some stories about many courageous people's struggles, you can visit

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Anderson Cooper daytime show with his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper had an episode featuring his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt (Gloria Vanderbilt-DiCicco-Stokowski-Lumet-Cooper). It was a wonderful show and explored the death of Anderson's father at 50 years old, the death of his brother by suicide and tidbits of wisdom from his mother. Gloria made a comment that I found particularly insightful, "We are put on this earth not to look through people, but to help people through."

Gloria Vanderbilt has had an amazing life. She had a very traumatic childhood, lived through the death of her husband Wyatt Emory Cooper who died during open heart surgery and the suicide of her son Carter Cooper.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anderson Cooper is the sweetest man----E V E R ! ! !

Watch this clip of Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa. Kelly puts a picture of Anderson (when he was in 8th grade) down her bra. At 4:37, in the clip, Anderson says, "sweety, that's the last place i'd look." Anderson is so funny to watch and he always seems to have a great time when he's on with Kelly.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Penn Badgley

I recently stumbled across a story about Penn Badgley. Wow! How did this incredibly handsome guy escape my notice?
He's starred in "Gossip Girl" and is now in a movie with Zachary Quino; "Margin Call".  It's about the beginnings of the market crash in 2008. 

Watch this video/photoshoot/interview with Penn from NylonMagazineTv:

Monday, November 7, 2011

A-List: Dallas on is already a trainwreck.

Already skeletons are falling out of the "A-List: Dallas" closet.  Levi Crocker's mugshot has been posted and spread around the interwebs.
Recent episodes have shown Levi Crocker getting drunk at a poker game and falling out of his chair.  Also, he got drunk at his "Inch Wear" promo party and made a VERY inappropriate comment to Ashley concerning her nipples and boobs.  Needless to say, she threw a drink in his stupid, rude, twisted face.

Now, pics of Levi Crocker's cockshot are all over the interwebs.  Here's the story about Levi Crocker's recent bare-all from

These Logotv reality shows are really entertaining, but so disappointing as far as showing gay men as responsible, honest, sober, loving people.  Is it their ages?  Is it just bad casting?  Is it just a mash-up to get ratings?  Who knows?  I understand that no one is perfect and believe me, I've had my share of irresponsible life choices.  Does this much drama really happen in gay men's lives?  URGHH!!!! 

A more realistic portrayal of gay men is Sundance Channel's "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys".

Season 1 is a wonderful portrayal of gay men who have heterosexual women as their besties.  It shows the personal interactions between friends; their loves, hates, demons, joy, fear and getting through the dramas and humdrums of everyday life.  I watched all episodes of Season 1 of GWLBWLB and enjoyed each and every episode.

Personally speaking, my longest relationship in my life has been with my heterosexual female best friend in the world.  We met one another during our Junior High School years and our lives and the lives of our family members have been intertwined for over 29 years now and counting.  We've been through the thick and thin of life all this time.  I wouldn't change this friendship or hope for any other person to share my life's ups and downs with for all the money in the world.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bullying is a reality that no one wishes to have.

I was bullied in high school and it's a terrifying experience.  The bullying not only happened at school, but I was terrorized in my own neighborhood.  The sight of that Chevy Blazer in my neighborhood sent shivers down my spine.  There was no support for a young boy who was bullied back in 1975.  You just had to deal with it the best way you knew how. 

Today, bullying is front and center and there is much more support for victims of bullying.  Watch this video on Youtube from a 12 year old girl who has brought this terror to our attention in a beautiful and poignant way.