Monday, October 10, 2011

Wall Street Drinks Champagne

Wall Street drinks champagne while protesters march past. 

When I first heard of "Occupy Wall Street" I was thrilled.  The people are taking their voices to the streets and demanding action.  We, the taxpayers, bailed out Wall Street and no one was held accountable, no one put a face(s) to this financial melt down and it felt to me like another problem was swept under the rug. 

These smug Wall Street workers have the audacity to stand there and sip champagne!!!  This shows how callous and greedy we Americans can truly be.  It's like putting gasoline on a sinking ship. 

Bank of America has the gaul to charge basic account customers $12.00 a month unless the account carries a $1,500 balance!!!  $1,500 !!!!!!
Where does it end?  When do we stop this blatant greed?  I think Occupy Wall Street is going to wake up some people.

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