Friday, October 7, 2011

The A-List: New York Season 2 wrap-up Part 1

The 2nd season of A-List: New York has wrapped up...FINALLY.  We all knew what was coming.  Austin has totally isolated himself from all the other guys and 1 girl (more on her later) and they have kicked him to the curb.  Reichen and Ryan confronted him on his batchelor party in Atlantic City and told him that they knew that Jake had cheated on him and that he had cheated on Jake.  What a time to confront someone on such a sensitive issue!!!  This show had many tasteless scenes and this had to be one of the top 3. 

Austin and Jake's relationship showed signs of trouble from the beginning.  They both seemed high strung and capable of physical violence.  Austin had shown quite a temper throughout the season.  There were hints among the cast members that Austin and Jake had some physical altercations, i.e. Austin's supposed "I ran into a cabinet" lip incident. 

Austin and Jake's batchelor party get-a-way seemed like a mess-in-the-making from the very start.  I could hardly watch the antics in the pink Hummer limo.  Austin was taking off his clothes, getting drunk and acting his totally obnoxious self. 

I had read Austin's writing that he was ready to start up some drama and that this is really what his intentions for his portrayal on the show was going to be about.  He certainly did stir up a lot of trouble and it bit him in the ass.  Even in gay marriages, trouble can ensue and he has shown that gay couples are not always destined to be in a monogamous, loving and caring relationship.

Nyasha.  Where do I begin.  Nyasha, Nyasha, Nyasha.  Why Logo decided to put her in the mix is beyond me.  She said that she is from Africa and won the title of "Miss Africa".  Well, she doesn't act like anyone I've met who is from Africa.  She is so abrasive, confrontational, evasive and rude.  She played the whole "you do not hit a woman" thing throughout the season.  TJ did an excellent imitation of her when he had the dress and wig on with Ryan in the boutique.

Nyasha comes across as an "I'm entitled, get out of my way, it's you and not me" type of personality.  She's the type of person whom I turn around from and would not give the time of day to.  She is the "CEO" of her wig company, "Embrace your hair", and she showed some awful wigs on this show.  One time, she had a wig on that looked like it was connected to a visible section of corn rows on the side of her head.  Nasty stuff.  She's not a fag hag (what fag would want her?), she's not personable and she thinks her shit don't stink.  Well, it does honey and yes that stink is coming from you....oozing from every pore on your body.

Everyone came to see her perform her single at the Atlantic City Resort Hotel instead of attending Austin's batchelor party.  It seemed like a very contrived situation, pitting her performance against Austin's party.  I'm sure that if everyone had their druthers, they would have neither attended her show or Austin's party. 

End Part 1

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