Thursday, March 28, 2013

People Like You

A Poem by Paul J. Senules

People Like You

Breathe deep and let it go
All the hurt and all the sorrow
At the time you thought you knew
The answers to questions as you grew
Many years have come and gone
Many tears have come along
You wondered why they hurt you so
You cried and cried and tried to let go
Your heart is true
Your heart is you
Many times you thought it would never end
Better to die than to live this trend
Someone like you will come along
Someone like you who sings your song
You never could hear
The beautiful words
The melody you make is really so clear
And now you see
You're not alone
They took your hand and lead you home
A new place
It's not the same
A new place
Without the shame
Now you will shine with breath anew
Your world is full of people like you

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