Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gay Marriage in the United States at a glance.

as of 3/2/2012
Maryland allows same sex marriage.

"Forty-nine percent favor allowing gay nuptials, and 47 percent oppose it. O'Malley is expected to introduce a bill legalizing gay marriage next week. Should it pass in the General Assembly, most believe it will be petitioned to referendum and put to the voters on the November ballot."

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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder refuses to discuss LGBT issues: “The Governor represents and works on behalf of all Michigan residents and he’s ignoring a significant portion of the population,” said Michael Gregor, communications director for Equality Michigan. “He is accountable to LGBT voters, who have a stake in Michigan’s success but are also deeply concerned about how the government treats their families. Ignoring the media that represents particular groups of constituents is an irresponsible way to govern.”

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